Falco Gent first to advance to Semi-Finals

In the TDM1 Playoffs newcomers Falco Gent have managed to sweep Royal IV Brussels 2-0 and are the first team to advance to the semi-finals.

This past Friday Falco Gent easily defeated Royal IV Brussels with the 83-63 final score and then went on the road on Sunday where they came away with the 65-68 win, sweeping Royal IV Brussels in their best of three Quarter-Finals match-up to advance to the Semi-Finals. In those Semi-Finals they will now face the winner of the duel between Gembo and Guco Lier.

The other three duels in the Quarter-Finals – Mailleux Comblain vs. Kontich Wolves, LDP Donza vs. SKT Ieper and Gembo vs. Guco Lier – all go to a third and decisive game that will be played on Tuesday. In each of these match-ups the home-team got the win, tying the series 1-1.

Comblain, Gembo and LDP Donza all have the home-court advantage in that decisive third game.

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