Some EMBL transfer news for the 2020-’21 season

While we were busy preparing our website there have already been several transfers as the EMBL teams are preparing for next season. Here’s a little overview:

Most active so far on the transfer market has been Liège Basket as they have signed several youngsters (who will be competing for both their first team in EMBL and their second team in the regional competition) and have also made some changes on the sidelines as Head Coach Sacha Massot is moving to Limburg United and is replaced by Lionel Bosco who moves up from Assistant Coach to Head Coach. As for their roster: the players that have been confirmed so far are Romain Bruwier, Tom Malempré, Jarno Moons, Edouard Duperroy, Romain Boxus and Kevin Stilmant. Other than Stilmant – who has played a couple of games for Spirou Charleroi in the past – all of these youngsters will make their debut in EMBL.

Brussels Basket is another team that has been very busy so far. Besides getting their financial issues in order they have also acquired newcomers B.J. Raymond (a US Forward who has played for Okapi Aalstar in the past) and also Louis Hazard, who last season was amongst the top players in Top Division Men 1 and led Melco Ieper to the first spot in the standings. William Robeyns and Niels Foerts are two current players who will be remaining at Brussels for the upcoming season. Guiding them will be newly acquired Head Coach Ian Hanavan.

Brussels sees three of their players from this season leaving the club as Alex Lichodzijewski will move down to TDM2 as he joins the Kortrijk Spurs, while both Jonas Foerts and Domien Loubry are heading out to sign with Kangoeroes Mechelen.

The Antwerp Giants have acquired Kenneth “Speedy” Smith to bolster their backcourt as the excellent play-maker leaves Spirou Charleroi.

Limburg United has also made a couple of new acquisitions. We already reported the arrival of US center Luke Knapke but they’ve also acquired Dutch Forward Sam Huurman who leaves Gistel-Oostende (TDM1) to make his debut in the EMBL.

And finally, Filou Oostende has prolonged the contracts of their point-guard duo Dusan Djordjevic (1 season) and Keye Van der Vuurst de Vries (3 seasons).

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